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Enjoy An Old-Fashioned Harvest

Come and reacquaint yourself with your prairie roots at DNA Gardens. At our orchard, you'll enjoy the timeless tradition of harvesting your own fruit. We nurture more than 17 different Saskatoon berries, eight varieties of tart cherries, six types of black currants, four raspberries, numerous apples, succulent sweet plums, and perfect pears. Our orchard is a great place for family outings, picnics, and more! If you stop by and do not see us immediately, just give a honk for service. We are often working in the field nearby.

Local Attractions

DNA Gardens is located in a delightful corner of the world. We are just 22 km from the beautiful Trochu Arboretum. We are also 21 km from the incredible scenic Dry Island Buffalo Jump; 15 km from the delightful Trenville Park, part of the Red Deer River Badlands; 12 km from the McKenzie Crossing, also part of the scenic Red Deer River Badlands; and minutes away from the Elnora Campground.

Meet Our Neighbours!

Meet Our Neighbours! "Our mom is a chicken rancher."

Boy Eating a Cherry Pie


DNA Gardens invites folks to stop by for glorious fruit picking! You'll enjoy picking cherries, black currants, and more in our wild naturalized orchard. We have more than100 different bird boxes out among the trees, and it makes for a beautiful experience for any age visitor. If you plan on visiting us to pick your own fruit, here are some items we recommend bringing:

  • A Hat
  • Bug Spray
  • Sunscreen
  • A Belt for Faster, Two-Handed Picking
  • Mud-Proof Boots or Shoes
  • Pails If Possible (We Have a Supply If Needed)
  • Friends or Family
  • Rain Gear (If Needed)

Commercial Fruit Production

Welcome to the Great Outdoors!


Usually ready the last two weeks of July, we just love eating these berries right off the bush. Their distinct, sweet flavor is perfect for pies and smoothies. Plus, the seeds of these unique berries lend a special almondy flavor.

Saskatoon Berries

Tart Cherries

You can't believe how great tart cherries are — they are truly incredible. Not only is their blast of flavor perfect in pies, smoothies, juices, and wines, but tart cherries carry many health benefits. Eat them regularly to reduce gout and arthritis. They are available throughout most of August, as we have eight different varieties that ripen at different times.

Tart Cherries


Fast picking! Great for jelly, syrup & wine. They make great Christmas gifts. We have loaner berry rakes that work really well for them. Our customers love them. Ready as saskatoons are finishing.


Black Currants

Ready in August, black currants are great for jam, juice, and wine (and are also Dave's favorite). They also boast unique health benefits. Research has even linked black currant consumption to reducing the risk of Alzheimer's. We combine these so nicely; there is no need to U-Pik. Just tell us how many pounds you need.

Black Currants


With four different varieties to choose from, there is a reasonably long season of picking. The fruit is sweet and juicy right off the canes. Winter is long, so pick lots to freeze!


Nutritionally Speaking, Berry Smart Says:

Dark-colored fruits are healthy for you! They have various combinations of antioxidants that help protect your body from heart disease, cancer, and more. Cherries help you sleep, black currants are high in vitamin C and promote circulation, and Saskatoons are chock full of iron, fiber, and antioxidants.
Berry Smart