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(My Husband and Co-Owner of D & A Gardens)

Dave has struggled with gout for the past 25 years. After reading all sorts of scientific literature about the anti-inflammatory properties of tart cherries, Dave agreed to try a natural approach to treating his gout, utilizing our very own cherries. The plan was to feed Dave. 1-cup of cherries a day for 3-months. Everyday? 3-months?... Yep! To Dave’s delight and my amazement, it has been very effective in relieving his gout symptoms. His uric acid level is normal now, and he has quit taking his gout medication!

January 1st/ 2020 Update: Dave is still controlling his gout without drugs. He is now consuming our 100% pasteurized cherry juice. It is so convenient. He also does shots of our 100% black currant juice.

– HIPPOCRATES (460BC - 357BC) –

We are happy to show you what we did.
1 cup of tart cherries
1 cup of kefir
Sweeten to taste (honey, maple syrup, stevia)
Blend. Enjoy. Repeat for 90-days



Lois bought one of our cherry challenges – 30, 1.5-pound containers of pitted cherries for $120.00 ---- 10 free containers. We shared our kefir and showed Lois how to grow it and use it.

When she started July 7th, 2017, she was on crutches or using a cane for pain in her foot. Fast forward to October 23/17: “My foot hasn’t been swollen since the end of July … I feel fabulous. I’m really surprised! I worked a two-day fabric sale, and it was easy.” She is not taking drugs now and is still doing kefir. An acquaintance has since given her fifty pounds of cherries, which she has worked through. Go, Lois, go!

Lois – March 2018 Huxley, Alberta


Ken Shaber

These cherries seem to invigorate me! I use to be able to dance one or two dances and now I can dance for a long time! Arden showed me how to make my own kefir and to make cherry smoothies. I make cherry slushies, cherry pudding, and cherry pie. I work at eating cherries in different ways.

Ken Shaber – 77 years young (2018) Olds, Alberta

Ken Shaber

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Nutritionally Speaking, Berry Smart Says:

A Ribes (Currant) renaissance is underway in North America! Black currants, highly toted for nutraceutical properties, have vitamin C content four times higher than citrus, potassium two to three times more than most fruit and 30 - 40 types of bioflavonoids, much more than most fruits. Consumption of Black currant nectar has shown to benefit the heart and circulatory system, kidney function, liver function, and the digestive system.
Berry Smart